In 2014, I bought a used camera on Facebook marketplace. Nine years and a few upgrades later, here I am - LIVING A WHOLE DREAM.


Hi babes!

Since we're going to be best friends, you should know...
• I'm happiest when I'm near the ocean. 
• Jordan Davis music stays on repeat in my car. 
• I have dance parties with my kids in my kitchen on a weekly basis (heavy on the Whitney Houston). 
• Nathan > Lucas #IYKYK
• I'm a klutz. I collect vintage cameras. I love sushi. 

Your Candid-Obsessed
Wedding Photographer

-The Uhalicks


It is such a blessing that we found Kelsie. Our biggest issue is going to be picking favorites from our album to print for our home. All our walls are going to be covered in wedding photos. We both had tears looking at our gallery. The whole experience was above and beyond anything that we could have ever asked for. Kelsie's personality is such a bright happy light on a wedding day. I'll recommend her to everyone forever. 


Number of years I worked in an ER before becoming a photographer.


Number of times I've watched One Tree Hill from start to finish.


Number of lattes
I drink per week.


Average number of hours spent staring at my computer each week


Number of babies  I have. Owen + Emmie are the lights of my life.  


Random facts about yours truly

Since I was little, I've always believed in this idea of "game winning over-the-fence home run in the World Series" kind of love. I kid you not. I've been the biggest hopeless romantic my entire life. Picking up a camera was something I stumbled upon, but documenting weddings was something I WAS MADE FOR. 
Most romantic movie you've ever seen? I've probably watched it 100x and know every line. Most romantic song you've ever listened to? It's on my playlist. I'm deeply obsessed with grand gestures and big overwhelming love. Anyone I know would tell you that about me. 

the reason I do what I do

My Why